Welcome to my personal Web page

I work as a researcher in data science in the research lab of the Viseo group, on machine learning and data mining.

In the past I worked as associate researcher at AMA group in the Laboratoire d' Informatique de Grenoble (France). I worked with Prof. Eric Gaussier, Prof. Massih-Reza Amini and Dr. Rohit Babbar.

You can download my CV here (last update 9/07/2016)

Citation statistics in Google scholar: here

When time allows it I participate in machine learning challenges. We recently participated in the Named Entity Recognition in Twitter shared task and we ranked 2nd. You can find the description of the system here. Also, in the cDiscount challenge we ranked 10th out of 175 teams. Check out our solution here. I try also to Kaggle a little bit.

I like playing football (the real one a.k.a. soccer), reading books (literature, science fiction, popularised science, social issues, finance, politics), running and dancing (traditional Greek dances - currently teaching in the Greek association of Grenoble Orpheas. I was a member of X.O.F.E.TH for five years).